Need work done?

Interested in finding a great collaborator at Agora? Use the Coliga form below to send a request to our community and find the right person for the job.

The Agora Collective community is made up of many talented, creative and multidisciplinary thinkers, who are constantly collaborating with individuals and organizations in Berlin and around the world. If you're interested in booking a desk or hosting an event with us, please visit the session "CoWorking" instead.


Someone from our community will respond shortly with a recommendation for a great collaborator from our network.

1) Send: a simple request to the community and let its members recommend the right collaborator for the job.

2) Confirm your details: We’ll send you a link where you can easily manage your request details, upload your payment information, and chat with collaborators

3) Hire with confidence: You will be able to receive offers from our community members. If you accept an offer, the amount is held in an escrow wallet until the work is complete.
The Agora Collective has partnered with Coliga to give you direct access to talented individuals from our community. Just send a request, and our community will find and recommend the best person for the job. Learn more here: