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photo – Claire Vivianne Sobottke

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MOVE is looking for experienced teachers who are interested to be part of the MOVE pedagogical team.

Agora MOVE is a platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art in Berlin Neukölln. MOVE is opening soon with a fresh programme of dance and body-based activities from professional classes, yoga/acroyoga, kids and parent classes, contact jams, talk talks, artist residency programmes and space rental for research and production.

We are currently looking for people who teach the following:

  • Meditation
  • Kids classes
  • Kids and parent classes
  • Dance and fitness
  • Contemporary dance for beginners
  • Ballet
  • Pair dance
  • Street/Urban Dance

*If you are generally interested to teach at MOVE and your area of teaching experience is not noted above please contact us with a proposal, as we will expand our schedule and content.


Please contact us with your application in English or German to the following email address with the header, MOVE OPEN CALL

CLOSING DATE is 30.11.2016  (We will get back to you within 4-6 weeks)

We require the following information

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Short Bio, website, and other relevant links
  • Type of class
  • Class description



Auf Deutsch:

MOVE sucht erfahrene Lehrende, die daran interessiert sind, ein Teil des pädagogischen Teams von MOVE zu werden.

Agora MOVE ist eine Plattform, die dem Lernen und Lehren, der Praxis und Produktion von Tanz und Performance-Kunst in Berlin Neukölln gewidmet ist. MOVE öffnet bald mit einem neuen Programm tanz- und körperbasierter Aktivitäten, wie Kursen für professionelle Tänzer*innen und Performer*innen, Yoga / AcroYoga, Kurse für Kinder und Eltern, Kontakt-Jams, Vorträge, Künstlerresidenzprogramme und Studiomiete für Proben und Produktionen.

Wir suchen Lehrende, die in den folgenden Bereichen Kurse anbieten möchten:

  • Meditation
  • Kurse für Kinder
  • Kurse für Eltern und Kinder
  • Tanz und Fitness
  • Moderner Tanz für Anfänger
  • Ballett
  • Paartanz
  • Street Tanz

* Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, bei MOVE zu lehren und Ihr Spezialgebiet oben nicht genannt ist, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte mit einem Vorschlag.  Wir werden unseren Kursplan und Inhalt erweitern.

Bitte senden Sie uns Ihre Bewerbung in englischer oder deutscher Sprache an die folgende E-Mail-Adresse mit dem Betreff, OPEN CALL-MOVE

EINSENDESCHLUSS ist 2016.11.30 (Wir geben innerhalb von 4-6 Wochen Rückmeldung)

Wir benötigen folgende Informationen:

  • Namen
  • Kontakt
  • Kurzbiografie
  • Art der Kurses
  • Beschreibung des Kurses



More on Agora MOVE:

Agora Move is a platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art.  Agora Move intends to fulfill the demand of a dance house in the district of Neukölln, offering the neighborhood and it’s dance community  a place to research, exercise and create body related and choreographic practices. We identify the intrinsic need of bringing the body back into our daily activities, mostly when our work is mainly dependent of our brains. Move will offer movement and mindfulness daily classes, immersive weekend courses, contact jams, as well as evening programs of performances and talks around the practice of moving.

With the content of our classes we intend to fulfill the interests of mainly three communities: Agora’s network of freelancers; Berlin’s dance practitioners; and the families and kids of Neukölln. Practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, professional ballet and contemporary training, as well as kids street dance and parent and kids courses are part of the program.

We are in planning and preparation phase to open our doors in September. The space is still very raw and requires a lot of work and investment. Therefor we have a crowdfunding campaign where you can support our project to take shape. Please donate and spread the word. every donation is very welcome and appreciated. #makeamove