Agora's program for collaborative artistic practices.

AFFECT 2016 is conceived as a 7-month-long program consisting of seven consecutive modules. Each of which is led by an international artist who invites participants to collectively explore a topic, develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month, culminating in a public event presented in the city of Berlin.

Running from May-November; with every last weekend of the month a public event.


Resembling an immersive academy, AFFECT 2016 programme offers a diverse curriculum of workshops growing out of the research and practice of the Berlin-based facilitating artists and curators.

To apply for this programme. Official website here.

AFFECT 2016 Programme:

Judith Lavagna

# 1 WHILE WE WORK: A Temporary State of Affairs

Public Event: 27th May – 6pm-11pm 

Diego Agulló

#2t THE WAITING ROOM edition  THE ARTISTIC MISSION: Dismantling professionalism in a for-profit economy?

Public Event: 25th June – 2pm-7pm (in the frame of 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival)

Lorenzo Sandoval

#3 The Institute for Endotic Research: Reading Bodies

Public Events: 29th, 30th July – 6pm-10pm 

Thelma Bonavita

#4 COM(m)O(n) Club Radio

Public Event: 27th August – 6pm-10pm

Sarah M.Lewis

#5 If you don’t pay attention to me, I WON’T PAY ATTENTION TO YOU: on the role of the collective in an attention economy

Public Event: 24th September – 6pm-10pm

Kinderhook & Caracas (Sol Calero, Christopher Kline)

#6 CONGLOMERATE: One-Shot Sacrifice (TV Special)

Public Event: 29th October – 6pm-10pm


The program is initiated by Agora Collective e.V – and it is co-funded by CAPP – Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme – by Creative Europe.



Artistic Director: Caique Tizzi

Project Coordinator: Paz Ponce