Agora Collective is delighted to announce that we have closed one more chapter. We want to thank our immense community for the time we have spent together, and for the support that brought us until this point - that allowed us to reinvent ourselves several times fueled by the energy of the independent scene in Berlin.

Agora means “now” in Portuguese and it all began with a reminder of the gift of the present in 2011, in Mittelweg, until 2019 in Rollberg. Now we revisit this incredible learning trajectory, we are already digesting the feedback of these 8 years, where we experimented ways of living together. We are so proud of knowing that so many great people, projects and life-long alliances have been formed under our roofs - “this is the art of hosting” - we also understand the hostilities and difficulties of co-existence - “tough love”. This keeps informing and forming our collective memory.

We have matured our knowledge about the political implications of securing spaces for arts and culture in the city. We have been hit by its fragilities. Nevertheless, our mission is to continue. We are now open to gather new people and find a new space to continue our legacy. We will continue being this welcoming place for encounters, this school, where differences can find transformative ways to exist.

Agora is still alive, up and running. Our current projects will be activating the chain of affections we have built. We cherish these partners for the trust and commitment. Some of our formats already found new homes, others are looking for new places to be hosted and affected by the new synergies we will create. From now on, Agora will be hosting assemblies to workshop the transformation of our collective: we are rebuilding our legal status, we are aiming to build a heterogeneous team with a diverse skills set; from curating to accounting. If you are motivated to be part of this new phase of Agora, send us an email at and we will inform you about our next steps.

A toast to now, a toast to the future!

Much love, Agora Collective.

Agora is currently a nomadic collective
You can get in touch with us at:

Sculpture by Raquel Navas, part of Model Behaviors (AFFECT I, 2014 at Instituto Cervantes Berlín)