Agora´s Platform for Body-Based practices


We are renting out our 180m2 studio space for 1 month long residencies, in which we offer a public work in progress showing and an interview about you and your work while you are with us at MOVE.

If you are in need of a space for your project please write to us at

What is MOVE?

MOVE is a platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art in Berlin and explores the intersection of body-based practice with other artistic disciplines present in the Agora Collective facilities.

It intends to fulfill the demand of a dance house in the district of Neukölln, offering the neighbourhood and its dance community a place to research, exercise and create body-related and choreographic practices.

Agora MOVE has worked with:

Alice Chauchat, Siegmar Zacharias, Zinzi Buchanan,
Winnie Ho, Julian Weber, Hermann Heisig Jeremy Wade,
Antonio Onio, Braulio Bandeira, Ariel Efraim Ashbel,
Dominique Rosales, Diego Agulló, Litó Walkey,
Britta Wirthmüller, Maque Pereyra Doria Medina,
Jassem Hindi, Eoghan Ryan, Gregori Homa, Ser-gina,
Ivo Dimchev, Isabel Lewis, Melanie Jame Wolf, Matan Zamir,
Yaron, Kat Valastur, Jeanine Iten and Colin Self
and has an established partnership with HZT Berlin.