A series of performances that merges choreography and the culinary arts

"…foreplay implies a certain level of confidence and trust between partners and creates intimacy before the main act.”


The primary intention of the performance series, Foreplay, is to create proximity between the audience and the work of the performer/ choreographer through an encounter of the public with the artist’s universe, in the format of a dinner that happens prior to the performance.


This dinner is a carefully prepared situation designed collaboratively by the artist and one of Agora Food‘s chefs (Agora’s new food platform, that supports 7 different chefs). This food experience is the opportunity for the artist to approach his/her work in a new format, re-articulating it into the language of taste, texture and dynamics.
This Program was conceptualized by Agora Collective but a continuous collaboration between the collective, the chefs, the artists and the public.


ARCHIVE AND PROGRAMME 2017 coming up soon…