09 / 07

Urban Permaculture : Autumn & Winter Gardening

On July 9th, it’s time for the Get Down Get Dirty’s fifth workshop –

Autumn & Winter Gardening

– Seed Saving
– Winter crops
– Structures to Extend the Growing Season ­
– Building Healthy Soil in the Winter


Further information: Leonie Woidt-Wallisser — workshops-berlin@cityplot .org


Permaculture is a sustainable design system which seeks to develop a harmonious interrelationship between humans, plants, animals and the Earth. It’s underlying ethos is: people care, earth care, fair share. Permaculture is one of the most holistic, integrated systems analysis and design methodologies found in the world — and a highly practical concept which can be applied in urban and rural settings alike.

Get Down Get Dirty, this in­depth, six­part series of half­day workshops covers the fundamentals of Urban Permaculture/Sustainable Organic Growing as the seasons unfold. We will cover crop planning, seeds, seedlings, composting, soil health, propagation by cuttings, creating a balanced garden, various vegetables, herbs, fruit, wild and edible flower crops, seed saving, four­season growing, harvesting, food processing, preservation and fermentation, and much more. In addition to acquiring solid gardening knowledges, we will be looking into where these fit in the current socio­political spectrum and concentrating on living lightly on the Earth. We combine theory with getting dirty, so please wear appropriate clothing!

Venue: Agora Mittelweg Café

Address: Mittelweg, 50 - Berlin

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Price: 60 euros

Places available: yes