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TIER: Reading Bodies. A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves

TIER: Reading Bodies.
A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves:

Ally Bisshop, Maria Cerón, Kate Chen, Michael Jevon Demps, Maira Dietrich, Femke Fredrix, Laura Genevieve Jones, Del Hardin Hoyle, So Hee Kim, Sophie Kitson, Marié Nobematsu-Le Gassic, Paula Querido van Erven, Jana Pacheco, Sophia Schultz and Anya Yermakova. Facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval.

Agora Rollberg
Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin, Deutschland
29 & 30 July 2016
18:00 – 22:00h

The act of reading is never a passive act. When one is reading, one unfolds all the cultural constraints, the previous gained references, and some times, the possibility of practicing one’s own agency. From that perspective, nevertheless, reading becomes a writing gesture. And any writing gesture is also a spatial production.

Reading Bodies. A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves presents a two day-long exercise of narration composed of different voices, following on Aby Warburg’s articulation of the ‘law of the good neighbour’. Warburg’s proposal was a way to approach libraries in which the unknown book on the shelf, neighbour to that which was familiar, could indeed change the course of one’s research.

This proposition about libraries could be an operative translation to the understanding of the body as an archive. One that talks about history, present conditions and potential desire. A constantly transforming agent that communicates through storytelling, oral history, text, traditions, rituals but also fashion, gastronomy, choreography and the unknown.

‘A Gathering of Inner S(h)elves’ will present a composed space as a fleshy archive, which will develop through a program and series of artifacts. Agora Rollberg’s space will be edited between Friday and Saturday 29-30th of July, from 18:00 to 22:00h.

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“Reading Bodies” by The Institute for Endotic Research has been a month-long workshop in the frame of AFFECT 2016 facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval inviting participants to work on ways to approach libraries, archives and its potential performativities, in relation with the body. To develop this process, the group has been realizing a series of studio-visits, projects and public events in the archive of Broken Dimanche Press, Savvy Contemporary and District Berlin. Module III of AFFECT 2016 is developed in cooperation with The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER), artistic project initiated by Sandoval assembled to work as a host that brings different disciplines together, namely architecture, art, writing and curation, acting as a platform of encounters through the production of a fictional institution with an operative program of collaborations with other agents, composed with the help of architectural devices.

AFFECT is Agora’s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices running from May to November 2016 at Agora’s new project space “Agora Rollberg”. Every last weekend of the month the module culminates into a public event.

AFFECT is developed by Agora Collective e.V.
Coordinated by Paz Ponce

Agora Collective e.V. is member of CAPP ( Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) from Creative Europe.


Venue: Agora Rollberg

Address: Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin, Deutschland

Time: 6pm of July 29th - 10pm of July 30th