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Then salt is blue

Then salt is blue

A chromatic 5-course dinner performance inaugurated by artists and cooks, Caique Tizzi, Renata Har, Jessie Holmes, Mark Andre Pennock, Pete Inkpen, Katharina Kiebachher, Maria Raddatz.

Inspired by Max Ernst’, ‘Une Semaine de bonté’ (A Week of Kindness), artists involved will choreograph a series of chapters through light as a mise en scene of colour, culinary, installation, audio and narrative within a dinner setting.

With contributions from Elise Lammer, John Holten, Leon Barth, Jessica Gadani and Douglas Gordon.

Working together with Agora Collective, Bon Bock, Ismenia Holiday and Little&Large Editions

25€ with RSVP at art@agoracollective.org
30€ at the door.
Limited capacity.

Venue: Alte Kantine Wedding

Address: Uferstrasse 8-11

Time: 7pm

Price: 25€