29 / 06

The future of Circular sustainable business models

The Masterclass will discuss a roadmap for circular sustainable business based on the Blue Economy principles. You will learn the underlining framework and how Systemic Design helps to create business models that are generate more value for local communities. Throughout the Masterclass we will explore how the framework already has been successfully applied by entrepreneurs and regions worldwide.

Afterwards you will gain an understanding of how you can create successful business models yourself, by applying the design principles of the Blue Economy.

  • Question resource usage by offering more with less
  • Work with what you have
  • Innovations are firstly inspired by nature (Biomimetics)
  • Compete with healthy and environmental cheap products by focusing on multiple benefits at the same time
  • Create jobs, social capital, and positive environmental impact by stimulating innovation
  • Renewable energy is more innovative

What is the Blue Economy?

Watch this explanation about the Blue Economy

The Blue Economy is a report presented by Prof Gunter Pauli (founder of ZERI, Institute for Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) to the Club of Rome in 2009.

Based on Systems Thinking, the Blue Economy is a holistic entrepreneurial framework. It intends to achieve zero waste by adding value to existing waste streams thus turning external costs into profit centers. A thriving business uses natural resources more efficiently by replenishing it and thus having a healthy profit margin.

The Blue Economy framework is now globally adapted by designers, entrepreneurs and governments to generate abundant access to clean water, organic food and energy. In addition to supporting a healthier lifestyle the Blue Economy provides new job opportunities introducing innovative ways of applying the knowledge of nature for product and process design. Since we need an alternative economy, which works globally, Blue Economy seems to be the obvious alternative.

To eliminate potential misconceptions, Blue Economy is called blue, because our sky is blue, as is our ocean and the planet seen from space.

 About Alexander Prinsen Linkedin

Organization: Blue Procurement

Speaker, Circular (Blue) Economy business model Consultant and Facilitator

Since 2013 Alexander Prinsen is traveling the world, meeting “blue enterprises”, biomimicry inspired innovations, leading designers and scientists and makers learning from their experiences. He is teaching the principles of Blue Economy to Universities and is consulting entrepreneurs on how to apply innovative ideas to their own business model.

Venue: Agora Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Time: 17:00-19:30

Price: 20€

Places available: 30