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The Agora CHOIR led by Dan Timm

Enough of allowing only your shower to be privileged by your vocal attempts and devotion. Or your drunk friends at the Karaoke.

Everybody can sing. I truly believe in it and have seen real proves over my 10 years of experience as a singing teacher and vocal coach.

The plan with this CHOIR is to go trough some vocal and breathing techniques, to bond, blend and sing together.

Professional singers, non-singers and enthusiasts are welcome! No previous experience required, we will start from the basics and sing through the process.
We will work on harmonies, cannons, resonance and dynamics. The main goal is to have fun, but sounding good, with energy and on pitch!

Every Friday at 18.00 we gather for this weekly practice. The heart of Agora – our lovely Café – will open its doors and piano for us. All we need to do is take care together of the space… and breath, articulate, open the ribs, relax the tongue, memorize the melodies and feel gorgeous.

It will be donation based and opened for all.

Looking forward!

Dan Timm

Venue: Agora Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50

Time: 18:00

Price: donations