21 / 07

Soulbottles “Rethinking Work”

Soulbottles is a Berlin-based startup, with most beautiful and cleanest water bottle in the world to market. We were able to inspire many people with the enjoyment of tap water and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. We also support with each sold soul bottle drinking water projects worldwide. In the last three years we were able to successfully help areas.


However, how have we managed, with 15 permanent employees to build a profitable company * where they are motivated and happy to work?

About a year ago, we laid the foundation for our organizational structure by introducing a new organizational model. We are a company where self-management, self-organization and self-responsibility are central values. We have a new meeting culture, creating the basis for decisions supported by all parties without losing ourselves in long discussions. Hierarchies have been replaced with flatter and more flexible alternatives.


These experiences we want to share with you on 07.21.16 at 7 pm.

For shared knowledge is known as double happiness.

What awaits you:


  • Answers to the question of how our organizational culture contributes to conflicts can be solved sustainably and decisions made efficiently
  • Proof that flat hierarchies and self-responsibility can release a lot of energy
  • Inspiration how organizations can be flexible in order to respond structurally
  • We show you that warm and efficient cooperation are not mutually exclusive – quite the contrary
  • Exciting insights from the founders and employees * our experience after one year with an organization of self-management
  • And you get valuable ideas as you can transform your organization / company.

Venue: Agora Mittelweg Café

Address: Mittelweg, 50 - Berlin

Time: 7pm - 10pm

Price: 9 euros

Places available: yes