24 / 01


Agora – Center for Contemporary Practices
& Gully Havoc present:
a night of text / sound / video

Ricardo Domeneck (BR)
Nelson Bell (DE/US)
Nico Sauer (DE)

January 24th, 2018

Agora – Center for Contemporary Practices
Am Südhaus 2
Rollbergstrasse 26
12053 Berlin-Neukölln

bios and links:

RICARDO DOMENECK is a Brazilian poet and performer, born in São Paulo. His merging of text, music and video has been presented at venues such as Museu de Arte Moderna (Rio de Janeiro), Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), Museo Experimental El Eco (Mexico City) and Akademie der Künste (Berlin), among others, and he was among the artists to prepare billboards for the Biennial of the Americas 2013, in Denver, Colorado. He has published 6 collections of poems and two collections of prose in Brazil and Portugal. In Germany, a selection of his poems
was translated by Odile Kennel and released by Verlagshaus Berlin in 2013.

NELSON BELL is a music producer (and biker) born in Germany. He has however grown up in Dublin, Ireland and Seattle, United States. These
experiences and backgrounds come together in his musical production. His début EP ‘Floating’ was released in 2016 by Gully Havoc and he has
been a member of the Kopfüber Collective since 2017. He has played in Berlin, Brussels, Wroclaw, and Madrid.
NICO SAUER is a German instrumental and electronic music, video art, performance and theater artist. On NeueMusik24.de he sells sound ideas that can’t be bought, but by being comprehended by the visitor, turn the online shop into a quasi-concert hall. In “Composing Life“, Nico Sauer performs as a motivational coach, who shows people how to achieve a free, self-determined life by ‘the power of composition’. “Love Me” is a concert-installation in which a super slow-motion version of an old Elvis Presley song is imitated on self-playing
guitars, while the composer multiplies himself, making performers and the audience wear ‘Nico-masks’. In “Salary Music”, four performers camouflaged as office workers perform hardly perceivable pieces in public spaces – the audience are random passersby who become aware of music happening.

Venue: Agora

Address: Rollbergstrasse, 26 Untergeschoss 12053

Time: 9pm