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Foreplay : Playlist with Julian Weber & Caique Tizzi

(Please reserve your place to join the event, more information at the bottom of the page.)

FOREPLAY is an ongoing series promoting the collaboration between performance artists and cooks. Its primary intention is to create proximity between the audience and the artists’ work within a familiar context: a dinner.

In FOREPLAY : PLAYLIST cook Caique Tizzi and choreographer Julian Weber design a performative meal where 7 dancers create a solo to their private song and inspire a 7 dish menu which will be displayed and served in a dialogue combining movement and flavour – a playlist of senses.
Performers: Jeanne Sardou, David Bloom, Rachell Bo Clark, Louise Dahl, Frederic Gies, Anna Nowicka and Jos McKain.

After a year on break, FOREPLAY kicks off a new season with this first public event for MOVE at our new space, Agora Rollberg. It will be a special evening as all money raised will go directly into the support and development of MOVE, for we still need funds to complete our construction.

Tickets €15
(RSVP until Oct 19th at agoramove@gmail.com)

For more information please watch our campaign video: https://www.startnext.com/agoramove

Agora MOVE is Agora’s platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art in Berlin. It intends to fulfill the demand of a dance house in the district of Neukölln, offering the neighbourhood and its dance community a place to research, exercise and create body-related and choreographic practices.

Julian Weber is a choreographer/dancer and visual artist. He studied at HBK Brunswick and Academy of Arts Vienna. 2013 he graduated in dance and choreography at HZT, Berlin. Since then he works intensively on spaces of interaction involving body, material and movement. In the last years he took part in several group-exhibitions, had different residences abroad and developed performances and exhibitions. He works with artists like Meg Stuart, Boris Charmatz and Tino Sehgal and creates his own work on the intersection of visual and performance art. Over the last two years he was running an off-space in Berlin Wedding, where he started to organise the improvisation-format FightClub.

Caique Tizzi lives and works in Berlin. He is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Agora Collective and one of the minds behind AFFECT and ‘Everything Under Sun’. Agora is interested in investigating the development of relational artistic practices, experimental methods of group work and interdisciplinary processes. It is also known for its artistic approach to food. Part studio, part laboratory – Agora’s kitchen has become a place where notions of collaboration, self-organisation and sustainability are put into practice. Tizzi also develops Marble Sauce, a Berlin-based catering project which focuses on contemporary cross-over food culture.

To join the event please reserve your place per email up until 2 hours before the event at agoramove@gmail.com

Venue: Agora Rollberg

Address: Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin, Deutschland

Time: 19:30 / 02.00

Price: 15

Places available: 75