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Day 2: Platform Coops – Start Your Own!

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As “Death Star platforms” like Airbnb and Uber increasingly dominate the markets with a cheap-labor business model and traditional corporate structures, more and more communities start to build their own, democratically controlled platform coops – with the aim of creating value for everyone involved.

Platform cooperatives share democratic ownership and governance among the people who rely on them, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data. Platform coops are based on cooperative business structures, very often decentralized modes of organization, democratic control and real-world services or products.

Today, an increasing number of platforms are emerging worldwide. Freelancers, artists, farmers, drivers, caretakers – more and more people from various backgrounds start to unite in order to create value and share what they create. This movement is no longer a niche – it starts to reach out to all sectors of traditional economy, care or education.

RSVP over email to: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net

This event aims at gathering key players of the platform cooperativism movement to explore shared values, common goals and a joint political agenda. Over the course of two days, participants get introduced into cooperative structures – from learning how to start off and run cooperative businesses to exploring visionary ideas about platform coop design and its impact on politics, markets and society at large.

RSVP over email to: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net


09.00  Check in. Get a coffee. Meet the people.
09.30  Welcome and summary of yesterday’s event. (E)

10.00  PANEL DISCUSSION 1: Fighting Fire with Fire? (E)
Death Star platforms vs locally governed, decentralized nodes that share infrastructures. How can we build better structures for collaboration and co-production between platforms? What do we need to interoperate and grow stronger together?
Moderation: Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT Berlin), Speakers: Daniel Corral (Coliga), Dominika Wruk (Institut für Mittelstandsforschung), Juho Makkonen (Sharetribe), Magdalena Ziomek (SMART), Christian Hildebrand (Jolocom).

11.00  PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Platform coops for neighbourhood economies (E)
How can we scale the platform coop concept to the micro levels of economy? How can local economies benefit from platform coops and what kind of infrastructures do they need?
Moderation: Thomas Dönnebrink (OuiShare), Speakers: Laura Colini & Lorenzo Tripodi (Tesserae Urban Social Research),  Joy Lohmann (Open Island), Gabriela Masfarré Pintó & Georgina Campins (Pentagrowth), Volker Siems, (neighbourhood network Polly & Bob).

12.00  Combine to Innovate: Introduction into the Pentagrowth Methodology (E), by Gabriela Masfarré Pintó

13.00  Lunch at the AGORA Café

14.00  Start of worksession 1: “From Business Modelling to Platform Design” (E), by Eugenio Battaglia, Platform Design Toolkit): Eugenio will open the session with a 30-minutes introduction into the concept of platform design, which will be followed straight by the platform design workshop.
14.00  Start of parallel worksession 2: “Modell für eine wordpressbasierte, flexible, und open source-basierte Coop-Plattform” von Joy Lohmann (Open Island) (In German).

14.00  Start of URLab #2 – Platform City – workshop, organized by Tesserae Urban Social Research group, PLEASE NOTE: this workshop takes place at SUPERMARKT  (in English).

16.00  Break / Individual talks

16.30  Reports from the workshops (E)

17:00  Wrap up of of the last two days (E)
Compilation of needs, ideas, and concrete steps towards building a platform coop-ecosystem in the region.

18:00  Dinner – let’s cook together, bring food or donate! We’ll celebrate the results of the last two days.

21.00 End

Supprted by Regierenden Bürgermeisters von Berlin, Senatskanzlei, Kulturelle Angelegenheiten/City Tax

Produced by  SUPERMARKT Berlin, in cooperation with Streampark Gmbh & Co. KG ,AGORA, Tesserae Urban Social Research .
Directed & organized by Ela Kagel and Thomas Dönnebrink
Event visual: Joy Lohmann, artlab4

RSVP over email to: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net

Venue: Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50, 12053

Time: 09:00 - 21:00

Price: €5 (or €8 for both days)