09 / 12

Day 1: Platform Coops – Start Your Own!

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As “Death Star platforms” like Airbnb and Uber increasingly dominate the markets with a cheap-labor business model and traditional corporate structures, more and more communities start to build their own, democratically controlled platform coops – with the aim of creating value for everyone involved.

Platform cooperatives share democratic ownership and governance among the people who rely on them, especially those who contribute their labor and personal data. Platform coops are based on cooperative business structures, very often decentralized modes of organization, democratic control and real-world services or products.

Today, an increasing number of platforms are emerging worldwide. Freelancers, artists, farmers, drivers, caretakers – more and more people from various backgrounds start to unite in order to create value and share what they create. This movement is no longer a niche – it starts to reach out to all sectors of traditional economy, care or education.

RSVP over email to: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net

This event aims at gathering key players of the platform cooperativism movement to explore shared values, common goals and a joint political agenda. Over the course of two days, participants get introduced into cooperative structures – from learning how to start off and run cooperative businesses to exploring visionary ideas about platform coop design and its impact on politics, markets and society at large.

RSVP over email to: rsvp@supermarkt-berlin.net

09.00  Check in. Get a coffee. Meet the people.
09.30  Welcome and introductions

10:00  FEEBDACK SESSION 1: Wir sind bereits eine Platform Coop! (German)
Freelancer-Kooperativen, gemeinsame Finanzplattformen und eine faire Alternative zu Online-Marktplätzen stellen sich vor, teilen ihre Erfahrungen, Bedürfnisse und Pläne. Teilnehmer_innen können Fragen stellen und Feedback geben.
Moderation: Jana Stecher (CZY WRK), Statements by: Felix Weth (Fairmondo), Magdalena Ziomek (SMART), Simon Liedtke (WeChange), Christophe Guené (Kreditunion Coop) und Katja Wegner (Wigwam).

11.30  Break / Individual talks

12.00  FEEDBACK SESSION 2: We (might not) want to become a platform coop!(English)
Networks, individuals and organizations talk about why they are not (yet) planning to adopt a coop structure, what keeps them from becoming a coop and which other organizational forms might work for them.
Moderation: Daniel Corral (Coliga), Statements by:  Juho Makkonen (Sharetribe), Yael Sherill (B-Tour), Philipp Hentschel (welance), Sito Veracruz (Fairbnb), Damiano Avellino (Solbnb), Arthur Röing Baer (commune).

13.30  Lunch Break

14.30  FEEDBACK SESSION  3: We support cooperative businesses! (English)
This session introduces people, structures and resources that might be of help and interest for everyone who is pursuing a community-owned enterprise. Moderation: Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT), Statements by: Louisa Janitschke (FAIRO), Christian Hildebrand (Jolocom), Adrien Labaeye (Transition Lab), Dr. Nadine Müller (Verdi), Boris Janek (Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG), Victor Matekole, (Crowdfunding system for platform coops & Resonate Music Streaming Coop) Juho Makkonen (Sharetribe).

16:00  Break / Individual talks

16:30  LECTURE by Shermin Voshmgir (Blockchain Hub): Decentralized Governance – From Platform Coops to Blockchains (English)

17:00  FEEDBACK SESSION 4: What platform coops need! (English)
Compilation & clustering of the needs already mentioned. Additional contributions from the crowds to further elaborate the item list into recommendations for action or demands. Chaired by Thomas Dönnebrink & Ela Kagel.

18:00  Networking and drinks at the café right next door.

19:30 FAIRO – Launch of a new community currency, with Leo Wonneberger, Louisa Janitschke, Wissam Manana and others. (German)


Venue: Supermarkt Berlin

Address: Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin

Time: 09:00 - 19:30

Price: €5 (or €8 for both days)