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Community Dinner with amavido.de

We’ve been hosting a new and amazing startup in our Team Floor for a few weeks now and to mark the occasion, amavido.de will be cooking a traditional Italian dinner for us.
So what is Amavido?
Amavido is an online platform matching the hospitality and cultural offer of small villages with the demand of tourists and independent travellers. Small villages are a widespread, hidden, undiscovered and new tourism destination characterised by a rich artistic cultural heritage and a unique social capital represented by local communities.
If you want to help out, please get in touch with us through hello@agoracollective.org
Every other Wednesday any member of Agora is welcome to cook. The volunteers usually step up in the days leading up to the event and the chef from the previous night onboards the next chef – showing them how to cook, clean up and run the event.
Profits (minus costs of ingredients) go to that night’s kitchen team OR can be reinvested in any self-led project in Agora in conjunction with other people and projects in house.
1) start at 6:30, end at 10:00 PM. (in respect for neighbors)
2) respect the neighbors, smoking is only allowed in AGORA Garden under the apple trees
3) plates sell for 6€ and go into the ”Community Dinner Kasse”
4) clean well – the kitchen needs to be used the next morning for business!

Venue: Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Time: 18:30

Price: free

Places available: 30