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Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso by Stephanie Comilang

Join us for the screening of the film by Stephanie Comilang and the Q&A afterwards

Filipina-Canadian filmmaker Stephanie Comilang’s new film Lumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso (Come to Me, Paradise) indirectly takes as its subject the increasingly documented struggle of migrant Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong, whose occupation is characterized by rampant conditions of forced labor, exploitation, and human trafficking. Whereas some documentary filmmaking offers a fetishistic representation of its subjects’ exploitation, in turn adding to their dehumanization, Comilang’s account relays an intimate and complex account of the domestic workers’ everyday lives. To that effect, it’s a deft mixture of science fiction and documentary, employing a tone that’s equal measures dissociative, casual, and understatedly spiritual, telling a story about the women’s ritual of digitally transmitting their stories and memories back to the Philippines at the end of each workweek.

Venue: Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Time: 17:00

Price: free

Places available: 50