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Clay Workshop º3

Did you maybe miss the previous clay workshop? Here’s a second chance, Agora invites you to the another clay workshop with BRSG Keramik!

Clay is an amazingly thankful material to work with. It softly follows the motion of your hands taking nearly any shape you wish. Yet, it is more complex than one might assume. Depending on the way you prepare the clay/ roll it/ shape it, your final piece might remain or change it´s shape after firing, might become stronger or more fragile or even break entirely. It all becomes less scary only once you step into being in control.

In the current workshop you will learn tips and tricks about creating irregular shapes with clay. It will be all about hand-building, so no throwingwheel involved. We will start with a 40 min lecture introducing you to different types of clay, different stages of drying and firing, ways of preparing it and ways of shaping it into a final piece. Than we will get right into practice and get your hands dirty. Each participant will get a chance to create his/her own little vase, shaped according to his or her personal master plan.

The workshop is suitable for complete beginners, no prior experience with ceramics is required. Final pieces will be fired and glazed for each of the participants.

Important: Please, count on 15 euro material costs, which you should bring with you to the workshop. It includes all materials you would use at the workshop, 2 firings and glazing which will be done for you to finish your vase & get it ready for pickup.

Due to popularity please make sure you book your ticket in advance to save your spot!
Cancellation policy is 14 days in advance for a refund of 43eur (you only pay ticket service fee).
Elsewise you are welcome to transfer the ticket to a friend or hold your ticket for the next workshop.

// Workshop Holder:

Elizaveta Barsegova
founder & creative director at BRSG Keramik | www.bsrg-keramik.com

Venue: Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Time: 19:00

Price: 40€

Places available: 8