26 / 06

Ayurveda Cooking Workshop & Dinner

As part of our European tour Shajeer Kizhakkekara, director of Veda-Guru Centre in Kerala/India will hold a day long workshop and dinner about AHARA VIDHI (Ayurveda diet system) at our Agora Café!

Course Highlights

• Introduction to Ayurved
• Prakriti (body – type) analysis
• Concept of Agni (digestive fire) & Ama (biological toxins)
• Basic principles of Ayurvedic dietetics
• Know about herbs & spice use in Ayurveda cooking• Home remedies with Ayurveda herbs & spices.
• Ayurveda Nutrition & diet management for different disease.
• Diet & nutrition according to your body constitution & dosha Imbalance.
• Conscious eating principle – How to eat
• Diet & food according to six healing taste
• Chakra and food

We will be preparing different kinds of healthy recipes according to Ayurveda throughout the day and enjoy a communal dinner at the end together! Get your ticket and reserve your spot here!

Date & Time: June 26th from 2:00pm – 10:00pm

Dinner ticket is 20 euros and Dinner + Workshop is 60 euros.


Ayur and Veda (Ayur means life and Veda is knowledge or Sceince) which when combined together, crafts the word “Ayurveda” or the Science of Life.

Ayurveda therapy focuses on eradicating disease from its roots. The is to do away with the basic cause of the disease, and also no new ailment should emerge as a consequence.
Ayurveda is an Alternative and Holistic therapeutic ancient science which finds its magnitude with providing an individual absolute oneness with nature.
Ayurveda is the wise insight of living the life naturally, simply inculcating ayurveda diet and life style modifications is easy and sure way to gain mental balance and a life full of health, vigor and vitality.

Food is anything that sustains life. Food used as a preventive to disease and as an essential part of medicine has been established for over 4000 years by physicians of natural medicine. Food is a major determinant of health that is directly under our control.

Venue: Agora Mittelweg Café

Address: Mittelweg, 50 - Berlin

Time: 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Price: 20 euros for Dinner / 60 euros for Dinner + Workshop

Places available: Yes