18 / 01


Dearest Agora Community,
Happy days!

We have finally signed the contract for the next three years with our new venue on Rollbergstrasse 26 (hooray!) and can now get on with establishing the space to the community’s needs.

We really need your help to reset our warehouse in Neukölln, paint the walls, reconstruct spaces, build and activate our new rooms, where we’ll be all able to come together and create great events and projects for the city of Berlin.

That’s where you come in!

From the 18th – 21st January we will be full steam ahead, from 10am to 18pm and your help would be invaluable!

There will be music, there will be food, and lots to get on with over these days of action. Even a few hours could help us greatly, so feel free to come, bring your friends, lovers and give us a hand. See you soon.

Big love,

Agora Collective

Find here in this link, a sheet where you can sign up for the work:


Venue: Agora

Address: Rollbergstrasse, 26 Untergeschoss 12053

Time: 10am - 6pm