29 / 05

Agora Baut III

Dear Friends,


Agora Collective is very excited to present you with a new edition of our cute construction events AgoraBAUT from May 10th to 14th in the former Kindl-Brauerei at Rollberg in Neukölln.

As you know, Agora Collective is opening a second space this summer and we need your hands, minds and hearts to make this possible.

AgoraBAUT is about coming together and through the construction events we want to bring you closer to our project and invite you to be part of this experience.


Come along, mingle, give us a hand or two at classifying and cleaning materials, building a green house among other light construction activities, and take the opportunity to visit and witness in person what is going on in the building process, the beautiful progress so far and what is being planned.

We want to make sure all of you have a good time with us and for that we will be having food from the amazing people of Nowhere Kitchen and we’ll put up a musical program for the entire duration of AgoraBAUT III.


Menu by Nowhere Kitchen for our working days:


Tuesday 10.05: Peanuts vegetables spring stew

Wednesday 11.05: Chick peas apple curry

Thursday 12.05: Stir fried bulgur

Friday 13.05: Melon tomato Gazpacho with toast

Saturday 14.05: ‘Caldinho de feijão’ – Black beans cream with orange


Join us!

Your Agora Collective


May 10th to 14th from 1 – 6pm
Rollbergstraße 26