30 / 09

Affect 5 presents: “Bedtime stories”

Agora is very please to invite you to:
The #5 public event organized in the frame of AFFECT: Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin
Hosted on Friday 30th of September
From 19:55 to 23:55
Top floor at Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin-Neukölln

“It will have begun at dusk and they will have entered the space expecting some sort of tale or tales that hopefully will have touched them, made them more aware of something that maybe they had not entered the room thinking about or feeling. They will have entered, willingly or perhaps unwillingly into a scenario where their suspension of disbelief will have led them to enter someone else’s/something else’s…skin… briefly yet intimately through the doorway of a story”.

Francisco: naps, nets, knits, knocks, nuts

Yerin: born and raised on earth to exist momentarily, confused and conflicted by the distinctions between mind and physicality, secretly dreams of being a stand up

Lim: blah, blahblah, sometimes doesn’t know what she is saying

Paz: Daughter of a spy and a legless sailor, from whom she inherited a white dromedary named Coco, dreams with water.

Anastayia: follows materials and people, wonders if we don’t confuse subject and definition too often, is trying to give to give up coffee

Carlos: Moving at a different tempo, is what some may considered late… but remember what Gandalf said

Deb: Voyeur, optimist with a penchant for dark matter

Charlotte: lives in a daydream, hoards rolls of film, sometimes gets confused as Bambi.

Alex: has considered becoming a fox, totally turned on by plants, knows better than to wish to have been born at any other time, but still kinda wishes had finished life pre-or, post-internet, fairly regularly

Sarah: workhorse, with an addiction to chocolate

Josephine: to be continued…
Join us at dusk (or currently 7:55 pm) in the upstairs studio at Agora for a series of short stories as they lull or awaken you into a meditative state of dark dreams and hope-filled alternatives.

A production of Module #5 An Ecology of Attention – September module at AFFECT 2016. Faciltiated by Sarah Margarita Lewis:

<<Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity>>
– Simone Weil

Can storytelling offer a portal to being more attentive and aware of our surroundings and fellow earthlings? The moral philosopher Martha Nussbaum argues, literature, is nourishing because it expands our empathy, developing our moral imagination. Empathy is something we practice, and literature can help us to flex this muscle. Throughout this module we explored how a collective could create an ecology of attention through examining, sharing and creating stories. We looked at how we could engage each other and how, through this proposed ecology, we could offer an emancipatory perspective on the way we think about the relationships we want to build with the things-be they gadgets, animals, plants and or people -around us.

Affect is Agora’s program for collaborative artistic practices running from May to November 2016 at Agora’s new project space Agora Rollberg. Every last weekend of the month the module culminates into a public event.

AFFECT is developed by Agora Collective e.V.
Coordinated by Paz Ponce

Agora Collective e.V. is member of CAPP ( Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) from Creative Europe.


Venue: Agora Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50

Time: 19.55