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IT question time

Are you full of ideas?

Are there problems in this world that you really wanna solve?

Are you already working on a solution, but you need some IT knowhow?

We can help you!

You can now ask our software agency directly in your favourite coworkingspace all of your IT questions, like:

• Which programming language or which framework is the best basis for my/our project?

• How much effort will my/our project take?

• How would a MVP for our idea look like from a technical point of view?

These questions and all the other ones you always wanted to ask: we’d love to answer them! We can also competently address your issues about project management tools, platforms and onlineshops. As an independent agency we always provide the best advice to the best of our knowledge, tailored to your own specific needs.

We are coming to you to AGORA and bringing 20 minutes of our IT-expertise. Send your questions beforehand to agora@devolute.org, we’ll have our developers dig through them and you’ll get your answers during our workshop. Any further questions you might ask during our workshop will be answered shortly afterwards by email.

We will be in the Agora meeting room on every first tuesday of the month from 2pm to 4pm to answer all of your questions.

Our opening price: a 20-minutes-workshop costs 25€ for Agora Members and 50€ for non-members.

Reserve your spot under booking@agoracollective.org

Venue: AGORA Mittelweg

Address: Mittelweg 50

Time: 2PM-4PM

Price: 25€/50€