12 / 07

Renata Har // The Non Spectacular Please

Renata Har

The Non Spectacular Please

12-26 july : 10am to 5pm

opening : 12 july / 7PM

The “Non Spectacular Please” is conceived as a play, a dissimulated motion elevating luminous dust of a moment in time. This experience will start in the garden, in the sand box, and will eventually reach the sky culminating in the roof.

Considering Agora’s pedestrian activities and structure, Renata Har thought of the exhibition focusing on the «in between» and the almost non-perceived spaces like pathways that are daily used as an automatic mode.

The artist has been working with materials that articulate with palpability, emptiness, time and its volatility involving the public and sometimes by that, disarming them.

Har does not believe in the immutability of anything. Rather, she believes in the perpetual movement and transformations in life that constantly are accentuated by accidents and chances.

The artist’s work takes form with the idea of fragility/resistance and the fragility’s resistance ambiguities. Har does not use this as an excuse to question an autobiographical work but alternatively, she confronts the fragility in the living matter and brings forth critical points and limits.

Since her arrival in Berlin last February, Renata Har has used Agora’s top floor as her Atelier and has established herself as a based artist. Moreover, the inspiration for her latest exhibition commenced with her familiarity with the building and its environment.