Art Grants Series - Workshop
03 Jun 2013

at Agora, Berlin Neukölln

Starts 18:00 h
Finishes 22:00 h

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The Art Grants Series Workshop  is composed of 4 distinct meetings aiming to share practical tips and tricks that could enhance the rate of success in applying to art and cultural grants, residencies and scholarships. The program is directed to artists of any discipline as well as curators, cultural spaces managers and anyone that could benefit of institutional funding.


What will be taught

3 June – Proposal Writing

At the end of the “Proposal Writing” meeting you will be able to write a coherent and complex art or cultural project, based on a structured approach (synopsis, theme, approach, medium and technique, relevance, process, production, outcomes, expected impact) and have the ability to make your own pre-estimation of an application´s chances of success.


10 June – Art and Cultural Funders

After “Art and Cultural Funders” meeting, you will be able to define and classify art and cultural grants, identify potential funders and analyze the eligibility of your project for a particular funder, as well as the funding program restrictions.


17 June – Budgeting

When going through “Budgeting” meeting, you will understand better  how to write a budget that will work in your favor. You will as well learn how to avoid major budgeting errors grant applicants usually do.


24 June – Credibility Factors

After “Credibility Factors” meeting, you will be able to write an artist or curatorial statement, an art resume and a bio in a way that will enhance your credibility as seen and understood through the funders’ perspective.



During the workshop there will be presentations and exercises, followed by group discussions.


Resource documents will be distributed among participants at the end of the course containing:
. links to practical models of art and cultural successful projects, funded at local and international level
. a list of actual art and cultural funders at the local, national, and international level
. art and cultural project budget formats and examples
. links to examples of statements, resumes and bios from various artists


Workshop Schedule

Mondays from 18:00 to 22:00 // 3, 10, 17 and 24th June 2013


Art Grants Series - Workshop

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Art Grants Series – Workshop
on 03 Jun 2013

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Art Grants Series – Workshop happens at Agora
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