A laboratory for circular economy culture and business.

For us Circular Economy means to rethink the way we organize production and consumption on a local and on a global level. This implies a paradigm change from “take-make-consume and dispose” toward re-using, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products.


We support businesses and initiatives to become more circular and foster circular economy innovation. For that we first of all need to get to know each other and understand your company, projects or organizations needs.


Further we will support you on your way of fostering innovation and growing circular economy culture and solutions adapted to your needs. You will have access to our knowhow, network and applied expertise to your area of interest.


Our vision is to work toward a value chain built around circular economy business principles, thereby enabling economies and societies to establish work toward a deeper sustainability.



Watch the production of our campaign using three different abandoned materials:






and METAL: