Cibelle Cavalli Bastos

Received in 2015 MA in Painting from Royal College of Art, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has a conceptual and interdisciplinary practice including performance, sound art, sculpture, video, painting and installation. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos´ work deals with deconstruction and formation of identities and ways our multi-selves interact with each other and our surroundings. The artist has released four music albums and has performed and presented work in Museu Reina Sofia (Madrid), Miami Art Basel, 31st São Paulo Biennial among others. The artist will be part of the Post-Cyber Feminist Week at ICA London holding lectures and performing.

For the upcoming months of November and December 2017, Agora Collective is delighted to announce the extensive list of activities that will conclude the 6 months-long process of residency of the Brazilian multimedia artist, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, whose is invited by the Berlin-based organisation, commissioned by CAPP - Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme, funded by Creative Europe by European Union, in the frame of Agora´s experimental platform I am Hungry.

Leading up to this edition of I AM HUNGRY we invite you to follow @cibellecibelle on instagram, turn notifications on and watch the live and instastories that stay up for 24h.


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November extra events

7th Nov. – Performance at Kunsthalle Osnabrück [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] unlearn/unbind/unknow #lifeloop #aevtarperform – Osnabrück, Germany

15-19th Nov – Post-Cyber Feminist International with “a”, not “I” / #ævtarperform #deprogram at ICA London, UK

I am Hungry: Final Events Residency

7th Dec – Solo-Exhibition Opening:  [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS )] #deprogram #unlearn #closedloop #ævtarperform #aevtarperform #avtarperform at Import Projects Berlin, Germany

11th Dec Artist Talk + Conversation with Raphael Durnbach and Max Dax (tbc) at Import Projects Berlin, Germany

15th Dec – Workshop led by Cibelle with selected group of 15-20 ppl (artists, philosophers, journalists, gallerists, etc) with Dinner organised by Bon Bock at Import Projects Berlin, Germany

16th Dec – End Party (Pelvic) at Agora Collective Berlin, Germany

07th November 2017 – 6-8pm at Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Germany


Cibelle Cavalli Bastos performs next Tuesday, the 7th November 2017, in the 12th century former church turned into Kunsthalle Osnabrück the sound installation [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS)] unlearn/unbind/unknow #lifeloop #aevtarperform.. The performance operates like an intuitive sound collage of  past and present selves residues in random sound bites and spoken word that melt and merge painting an extracted metaphysical landscape of the underlying unspoken. The sound piece is accompanied by a 7-course dinner developed by Caique Tizzi.

The work is part of the series of events Staging Posts – Back to Babel, developed by CAPP,  hosted by Kunsthalle Osnabrück focused on challenges related to the question of communication and language in collaborative practices, where the relational is key.

15-19th November 2017 -Post-Cyber Feminist International at ICA, London

Zadie Xa, Deep Space Mathematics // The Transfer of Knowledge 2. Courtesy the artist and DaataEditions

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos is invited to take part of the programme at ICA in London with the workshop – “a”, not “I” / #ævtarperform #deprogram. Throughout Post-Cyber Feminist International participants propose methods for how feminist and queer practices can forcibly impact the future of technologies. Issues and ideas addressed include reproductive justice, media use by black women and the gender non-conforming, practices of biohacking, intersectional approaches to sonic cyberfeminism, #glitch feminism, and sexism in the tech industry. Technology is considered here as primarily a social phenomenon, and participants are invited to propose new trajectories for the social relations by which technology is simultaneously constituted and constrained.

More about the programme here.

I am Hungry: Final Events of Residency in partnership with Import Projects

This edition of I am Hungry under the title [{“CIBELLE”(CAVALLI}BASTOS )] #deprogram #unlearn #closedloop #ævtarperform #aevtarperform #avtarperform is a co-production between Import Projects and Agora Collective e.V. and is funded by CAPP -Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme

This platform originally inaugurated by Caique Tizzi from Agora Collective is dedicated to researching and experimenting ways of creating and presenting artistic collaborations. Initially merging from culinary practices through interdisciplinary approaches, I am Hungry explores the potential to create a support system for original concepts. And especially in this edition of I am Hungry the idea moves beyond food. The aim is to generate processes that nourish ways of making and experiencing art.

Through experimental formats, performances, exhibitions, themed dinners as well as an educational programme, I am Hungry creates immersive environments, directed-experiences and occasions for collective encounters as a tool to unite people and their practices.


For this edition Import Projects and Agora Collective work closely with the Brazilian artist Cibelle Cavalli Bastos who focuses her Life-work on non-performance, raising questions about performance and identity, at the same time as nano political action. The work is an exercise of rescuing the multiple personalities that the artist has been throughout her life. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has been a model, actress and a successful indie-pop singer, who released four studio albums. The performance activates this personal archive and invites herself and the audience to deprogram and to sensitise towards our capacities of being many and truthful to ourselves.

We live in a time of extreme performance, intensified through social media. We build “realities”, or rather post-truths about our experiences, life and feelings. We carefully portray and direct the eyes of those who observe us to a specific point where we are all fictitiously fabulous, have an excellent life, busy, cultured, healthy, have love, friends and companions.

In this case the artist moved all of her belongings into a studio space at Agora, activating herself, her work and later reactivating this process at Import Projects. It is a constant flux, an overarching construct of activation processes and investigation of the work through multiple angles one of them being instagram to record her thoughts but also materialise them. She uses instagram as a tool for digestion to deprogram and unlearn, creating a closed loop to perform multiple avatars.

Leading up to this edition of I AM HUNGRY we invite you to follow @cibellecibelle on instagram, turn notifications on and watch the live and instastories that stay up for 24h.

On Saturday, the 9th of December the series of events will open at Import Projects with an immersive installation and an all night performance by Cibelle and her (lifelong) flatmate and drag queen artist Gloop.

In addition Cibelle will be in conversation with the philosopher Raphael Durnbach, who focuses on social construction and aesthetics of futures, from science fiction to scenario planning to further digest her elaborate Life-Art practice on Wednesday, the 13th of December. Both have been in exchange throughout her residency in Berlin and have gathered a lot of material during this process which should be sedimented into a publication in the future.

On Friday the 15th of December, Cibelle will be hosting a Workshop focused on ‘debinarisation’ which deals with questions of the construction and formation of identities and ways our multi-selves interact with each other and our surroundings. The workshop will lead into a dinner organised by Bon Bock’s founder Mark Andre Pennock where the questions will be formalised into a menu and experience to play on such multiple faceted layers of Life-artistic approach. We invite to apply for 15-20 spaces to participate in this evening. Please email for details.

This series of events will finalise on Saturday, the 16th of December at the space of Agora Collective. Cibelle will curate a night of music and performance. She will bring together artists and friends interested in similar themes to celebrate her 6month cycle of the residency program in Berlin