Artist Studios at Agora Rollberg

Agora Collective offers 10 artist studios to Berlin-based practitioners within a multidisciplinary context, and one studio hosts international guests through our cooperation programs (Latinamerica / Asia). We understand art as a learning context, and many of the artists within our studio community open their practice regularly in a variety of knowledge exchange formats. Check our vibrant community and join in any of the activities offered this summer at Agora! We also support our community organizing studio visits by professionals, for inquiries send an email to, or contact the artist directly. Thanks!





Ceramic Kingdom is a collective work space and art center located in Neukölln, Berlin. Embracing the ancient practice of clay in today’s society, we explore material, form, ideas, & process. All are welcome to share our space & expand our community!

Several full-time members maintain the daily flow of our shared workspace. Representing a variety of studio practices, this core group of individuals create & exhibit artworks ranging from functional to sculptural, wheel-thrown to slip-cast, product-design to wabi-sabi.

Educational activities

Weel-throwing classes (3 levels: Beginning Wheel / Level 2 / Level 3)
Studio Time (open to artists in a Drop-in basis, two days a week)
See the students work here


[Madeline Stillwell (Director), Keegan Luttrell (Assistant / PR), Pablo Moura Letts (Operations)]
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[{“”(})] Bio

(b. 1978, São Paulo, Brazil)

Lives and works between London, Berlin and São Paulo. The artist graduated in 2015 from Royal College of Art, London. Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has released four music albums and has performed and presented work in Museo Reina Sofia Madrid, ICA London, Carnegie Hall New York, Serpentine Marathon, 28th and 31st São Paulo Biennial among others.

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos has a conceptual, expanded field and interdisciplinary practice that includes thought production, performance, sound art, video, painting, sculpture and installation. Currently operating daily through social media stories under @aevtarperform, researching intrapolitics and devising nanopolitics through deprogramming self/ID of societal malware at a personal and collective level, their work addresses the deconstruction and formation of identities and what stands in between the self and presence as our multi-selves interact with each other and our surroundings. #deprogram #intrapolitics #nanopolitcs #radicalempathy






My practice is concentrated in the exploration of spaces that throughout history have provided humans with forms of refuge. My practice employs current ideas of the idyllic alongside historical reference to wellbeing. Projects sites have included neolithic Quoits, Victorian insane asylums, European total institutions and holiday resorts. I spend a lot of time visiting and documenting these environments and translating the findings into drawings and paintings.

London-born Louise Thomas, currently living and working in Berlin, received her BA in Fine Art from the Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall in 2007, following a Diploma in Art Foundation from Kingston University, London 2004.

River crossing
oil on linen
130 x 170 cm

Educational activities in Agora

Louise Thomas is founder of Burnt Sienna Berlin, an arts cooperative founded in 2017 and based in Agora Collective. Burnt Sienna provides drawing classes, painting tutorials, mentoring, portfolio reviews, short courses led by visiting artists and studio visits in Berlin.

The class is every Thursday 18:30 – 20:30 @agora





Originating from the Latin phrase “nullam rem natam”- means no thing born, an emphatic idiom for nothing. Nullam Rem Natam create and destroy. Their actions are reactions.
Their reason is absurd and absurd is chaos. Unfolding secrets, revealing fears, abusing the psyche.
Hunters of intensity and seekers of purgation. An eternal circle, the serpent devouring its tail.
Nullam Rem Natam are a group of actionists, composed in Berlin in 2016.
As resident artists of Liber Null Berlin, they commit visual sins and provoke the subconscious.
Ignoring the limits and obeying to instincts, they practice and perform their experiments on photography, sculpture, installations, performance and live action painting using sacramental and ceremonial methods.


Studio visit upon request, please write us an email first!


Unfortunately there are no more spaces available.
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