Agora Rollberg

Agora Collective's current space is in the former Kindl-Brauerei Area in Rollbergstrasse in Neukölln. Starting its activities in 2016, Agora Rollberg´s 2200 sq. meters space is being developed to be an ongoing experimental center for sustainable and artistic practices. Read about the activities on


In the middle of Neukölln, with just 5 minute walking distance from their previous base on Mittelweg 50, Agora Rollberg is the new 2200m2 project space dedicated to an exhibition and event program, month-long workshop projects, a contemporary dance platform, studios for artists, and a new residency opportunity.

In the new space existing formats such as the workspaces, gastronomy and the educational program will be deepened. The current program and activities around sustainability, diversity and the arts will be expanded. Due to its size, Agora can now accommodate larger and further reaching artistic projects. Functioning in its known communal manner, and in support of a big network of friends and collaborators in the Berlin art world with whom Agora has been collaborating since its start in June 2011, Agora launches an exciting young space. Yet, with a 75-years long lease agreement, Agora Rollberg is here to stay.


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