Center for Contemporary Practices

Agora expands its mission to prototype an interdisciplinary community. Founded in 2011, as an independent project space, Agora is currently present in Berlin Neukölln at the Agora Rollberg Venue. Agora is devoted to reflect on alternative models for cultural, social and economical production nowadays, developing a diverse and inclusive programme in the fields of food, art, work, live and learn.

We are sorry to announce that our first venue Agora Mittelweg – including the Café – is now permanently closed.

Agora is dedicated to act in several strands in relation to collaborative practices. Its layered programme is curated to work as a catalyst in the multi-disciplines present in- and outside its physical locations in Berlin and internationally offering coworking spaces, artists studios, workshops, dance studio, event space and a café.

Agora Mittelweg and Agora Rollberg are the locations of Agora Collective, developing and curating projects dedicated to collaborative frameworks and process oriented educational programmes like: AFFECT, our programme for collaborative artistic practices and MOVE, our platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art in Berlin.

Our artistic approach to food is an important aspect and tool to tackle social, political and environmental issues. Beyond hosting a café and restaurant during the weekdays, Agora brings together initiatives engaged to explore current approaches to food, being a place to explore forms of thinking, producing and manipulating food today.

In 2015, Agora Collective e.V. became a member of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme – CAPP – co-funded by Creative Europe and it has been supported by international funding bodies such as Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point to develop its artistic and educational activities.